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Why HIIT training?

Updated: Jan 3

At HIIT Different we are firm believers in improving health and fitness in a fun dynamic way.

So you might be asking yourself the question, why HIIT training?

Don’t get me wrong, strength training at a slower steady pace has many benefits. You can put on lean muscle, cause the body to improve its metabolic state and get leaner.

Low-intensity steady-state cardio or LISS has benefits too, improving cardiovascular health, burning calories improving your fitness.

Now back to the question, the reason why HIIT training is what we love and why you should include it in your routine. It’s because it’s damn challenging, fun, intense and satisfying! Your heart rate shoots up, therefore improving your cardio and burning calories at a rapid pace. Ultimately you’re getting more bang for your buck with a HIIT session giving you a much more time-efficient workout.

At HIIT DIFFERENT, the feeling of slamming a medicine ball, pushing a sled, the intensity of the assault bike with music pumping in the background and the rest of the team pushing each other on is unrivaled. The satisfaction of improving your athleticism, agility and strength is a great feeling indeed.

Ultimately any form of exercise has its benefits. There is no one size fits all approach since training should be adaptive to your lifestyle and your fitness levels. We’d in fact recommend for you to have a holistic approach to fitness and combine HIIT with other styles of training.

More struggle = more reward, such is the rule of life, and in the case of HIIT DIFFERENT, prepare to leave the class full of endorphins and a great mood regardless of the daily stresses of life.

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Jordan Lombard
Jordan Lombard
Dec 14, 2021

HIIT DIFFERENT always hits different! Thanks Mossab :)


Ross McCreath
Ross McCreath
Nov 21, 2021

Thanks for the post Mossab! 😀

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