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Our mission

We aim to empower through our intense and exciting workouts so it HIITS DIFFERENT. 



We believe in strength in numbers. Whether its in group workout on a rooftop, your local park or even a boxing gym. Different spots , new courses but same results. 



It all started in the summer of 2020. Lockdown had started to ease and we entered a time of uncertainty.

Two friends came together and decided to get people active again. Ross and Mossab decided to get together and host a boot camp with a group of friends. The get-together fostered a sense of happiness and well-being. 


The opportunity for people to get together in a safe distanced environment and work on bettering themselves in the form of HIIT training was invaluable.


Six months later over 400 unique individuals have come together in parks, studios and online sessions to share this sense of community and lifestyle. £5000 has been raised for charity during this time. So join us to HIIT DIFFERENT to make a difference.


Fitness Trainer and Co-Founder

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